Clearing My Head

It's hard to think straight when your head is clouded with too many thoughts. I read somewhere that it is a good idea to write down all of the thoughts, concerns, and tasks that are piled up inside your mind. We can not process that many problems at once. For me this feels like some type of neurological traffic jam in my head. Too many thoughts and ideas lead to excessive rubbernecking, which in turn results in very little forward progression. By taking that overgrown list of ideas and to-dos and putting them to paper we are able alleviate the mental congestion. This anxiety generated by an extensive list can be avoided.

I think that Steven R. Covey said something to the effect that humans can really only do one task at a time really well. Some are able to simultaneously do several tasks OK. But in order to achieve true excellence you need to find focus in what you are doing. Clearing your head is one of the first steps you need to complete if you are to find concentration of thought and action.

So how do you solve the dilemma of wanting to do more than one thing at a time. Find maybe the top two or three thing that are on your list and allocate the majority of your time to each one individually. Hopefully with your new found focus it will enable you to move quickly down the list making headway picking off each item one by one.

One of the reason that I started this blog was to clear my head. So I don't think that you will find one unifying theme. You might see trends due to a higher level of interest in one thing over another. However I really want this blog to be my "catch all" or funnel. Do I really expect anyone beside maybe one or two family members and maybe a few friend to read this? No. Honestly this is more a person exercise but the chance that someone might actually read this will force me to put a little more effort in my spewing of thoughts to the written word.

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