Fastest Belt Change I have ever seen.

Have You Ever Thought of Giving Up?

Self discipline and determination are hard to come by. I can really identify with this common problem that my boy Jack Johnson sings about in Flake(one of my favorite songs).

And often times we're lazy
It seems to stand in my way
Cause no one no not no one
Likes to be let down

We don't try because failure sucks. We don't want to let ourselves or anyone else down. Every time we try there is a chance of falling down which requires us to pick ourselves back up. So because of fear or just plain laziness we stall out and get nowhere. We let the laziness get the best of use and our forward progression stops.

So I think it is awesome and inspiring to see stories like this...

South Korean Lady Passes Driving Test on the 950th Try!

This 68-year-old woman wanted her driver's license so badly that she has gone to take the written test nearly every single day since April of 2005. When it was all said and done, Cha ended up taking that same written test about 950 times before managing to get a 60% or higher score. Ya you heard right – this lady took the written test 950 times before earning a passing grade. On top of that Cha spent more than five million won (about $4,200) in application fees over the last four years. Cha is not in the clear yet, she still has to pass the actual driving test before being rewarded with a real license. According to local media reports, Cha hopes a driver's license will improve her door-to-door vegetable-selling business.

[Source: Associated Press via Yahoo]

You can say what you want about this woman's intelligence. Say what you will about the horrific panic other Korean drivers might have if they saw her on the road, but the audacity, tenacity, and shear determination is simple amazing. I believe if we could only have this much resolve after each one of our failures our success in anything and everything would be guaranteed.

I really hope this lady passes the road test. For you this might seem like something small and insignificant. But Cha believes something.... she believes she can and will get her driver's license.

"Whether You Think You Can or Can't,You're Right"

-Henry Ford

The Official Rules of "Shotgun"

Yes boys and girls there is an official set of rules for calling shotgun(the front seat of the vehicle). So next time you have a discrepancy you do don't have to wonder who is in the wrong. You can even purchase the pocket guide to shotgun.

KEN BLOCK'S TRAX STI CAR-This thing is bad A

I really would love to own one of these. It would be a blast.

DC Dr. Seuss Shoe Bike

I just keep posting random crap lately that really requires no thought on my part....  Anyways here is some more random crap that is entertaining.

Travis Pastrana seems like he has a sweet little gig. All he has to do is screw around, have some fun, and every once in a while break a few bones.

I'm sure that I have seen a bike like this one in a Dr. Seuss Book.