Creating something of value

It seems all to often that we has humans we tend to focus on the problems. We try to blame others or even ourselves for our problems. Anyone that watches or reads the news can see this negativity is deeply rooted in our society. Very rarely do you see them cover the solutions to these problems. Which is understandable. How do you stop the horrible acts of violence and injustice that happen every day. One may feel that they are hopeless and cannot make a different. While others will try to analysis the cause of these problems which usually only ends with finger pointing. I have been guilty of both.

I personally have tried more recently to focus on the solutions. I believe there are solutions. Sometimes the solutions exist but is not being implemented. Some solutions do not exist...right now. These must be created. It is time that we stop "taking a vacation from our problems" and start creating solutions. Creative solutions are needed for the problems in our personal lives and for the global problems that plague the lives of so many.

This video was created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was taken from a an address given to the women of the church but the principle taught is for both male and female.

We have the power to create. Men and women together have the power to create life. With that we also have the power to improve our lives and others for the better.

Please leave your comments and thoughts below on how we can create solutions.