Cool Websites: Pandora Radio

If you love music and haven't checked out Pandora Radio you are missing out. You can create your own personalized radio stations. All you do is add a song or band that you like and Pandora will keep the tunes coming from that genre. You can thumbs up on down each song. Each time you do the station changes little by little to play only the songs that you do like. If your are on the go they have Pandora for the iphone and other mobile devises.

What's cool:
  • You can discover new songs and bands that are similar to the ones you already like.
  • Its free...well if you want to get rid of the advertisements then you have to pay but they don't bother me much.
  • Great for mood music with out the effort of creating a playlist in itunes.
  • Explicit content filter...its great, my ears don't burn from all the cuss words like other internet radio stations.

What's a little lame:

  • The visual ads don't bother me but recently they just started to do some short audio ads......lame.
  • If you don't preform some type of action on the browser after an hour or so the music stops. Most of the time this is not a big deal.

ACTION ITEM: In the comments below let me know what sweet websites or super cool web tools you are using.

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