My First Comment From Someone other than My Wife!!!

Hey Loyd, thanks for commenting. Its sad but you are probably one of only people that actually reads my blog. Its kind of funny because we have such distinct views on a lot of issues. Its OK I still think you are cool.

In response to your post...

He begins by referring to some sort of mythical "stupid environmentalists who don't understand that forest fires are natural and are actually good for the soil."

Who are these environmentalists? Perhaps I only hang around 'smart environmentalist' crowds, cuz I have yet to have heard of any 'environmentalists' who think as he thinks they do.

Who are the people that don't believe the holocaust happened or who are the people that think we didn't land on the moon? I can assure you that there are people our there that think all forest fires are bad. Besides Beck didn't say all those environmentalists or most of those environmentalists. He says those stupid ones. They are the one that don't understand the environment. Obviously you understand the environment better than most (which includes myself).

Also in response to Beck "overly simplifying his forest fire scenario to make his point"....

If I were to complicate the forest fire scenario to better represent the current state the economy is in, it would go something like this....

The forest that is currently burning is highly populated with extremely large trees. These trees have experienced very fast growth for the last 50 years. The growth was not natural. There were many red and blue men and even all different colored men from all around the world that would go to this forest and fertilize it daily. These tall trees seemed perfectly fine from the outside. But unbeknown to the majority of these men the tree's root system was not capable of supporting the massive amount of weight as they grew abnormally fast. Even the trunks of these trees had large voids at their bases due to rapid unnatural growth. But even when some men discovered the problems with the root system and the voids in the trunks, they didn't care. They were all reaping the benefits of such a massive forest. They just kept on throwing barrels of fertilizer on them.
With the poor root system the trees would not able to stand if there were any major natural disaster. However before something natural could happen there was a fire that broke out and all the different color men went rushing to save there huge trees. They had to get all the people in the world to help them fight the fire, so they wouldn't lose all the benefits of having such large trees. They would say things like "these trees are too big to let just burn and be destroyed", "If we just let them burn and fall all the other small natural trees will be destroyed" "We must save all of the big trees!"

The sad part of it all, is that they did save all of the big trees only to have a small amount of time pass and they all came falling down because of a slight little breeze.

So why didn't all the blue and red men do a controlled burn of the massively weak over grown crappy trees? Well they were ALL in denial that they had a poor root system.

This is just my take from what I have learned. I am no expert and I am sure that many could punch holes in my argument and in my hypothetical story of some lame forest with different color men.

However I do know this...It is always best to act on correct and true principles no matter the situation. The problem that we as men face is knowing what God says those principles are. We cannot be guided by what we think they are. Divine guidance is always necessary to learn these true principles that should determine our path us in all our dealing with men.

I personally believe that nothing I do or say will affect the course of our nation's finances nor will I be able to stop the world economic melt down. I know that I must prepare myself and my family for the things to come. I pray that anyone else that reads this will do the same.

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