Jesse James Successfully Sets New Hydrogen Land-speed Record

If there is anyone that I have a "man crush" on (purely heterosexual) it would be Jesse James. I just think he is cool. He builds cool bikes. He's a master metal worker/welder. He has good taste in bikes and hotrods.

Anyways, now Jesse James has gone done something else pretty feakin' cool in my book. He broke a land speed record for a hydrogen power car-- 199.7 miles per hour on a run the El Mirage dry lake bed in the Mojave Desert in California. The car that he drove was a 740-hp hydrogen-fueled 572 cubic-inch Chevrolet V8 engine.

The previous record for a hydrogen powered car was set by BMW in Germany a few years back. My man James seemed pleased saying, "This, I honestly believe, is world-changing. We can't rely on gasoline forever. I'm paying it forward."

The hole thing is set to air on Spike TV's "Jesse James is a Dead Man" on August 9th 10 pm Eastern.

Jesse James successfully sets new hydrogen land-speed record

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