Project Natal: Microsoft Comes Out with a New "Controllerless" Gaming System

This "Project Natal" thingy looks way cooler than the Nintendo Wii. There is no chance of Wii remote flying though your $1500 TV. Well I guess there is always the possibility of someone getting way into the game and taking that flat panel out with their bare hands. Also there is no getting away with playing tennis sitting on the couch just flicking your wrist. You actually have to get up and move. It has a little camera that's watching you and a mic that is listening to every word you say so you can't cheat. It might just be that the government is buying stock in Microsoft to watch us, or maybe Microsoft is going to be the new government. If they are that might not be such a back thing.

From what I understand this Project Natal gaming system is not on track to come out this year, but hopefully it will be reaching a store near you soon. I would have thought that they would try to do a product launch sometime around Christmas this year if they are announcing it now for hype, but your guess is as good as mine. I wonder how much this gaming system/extension for the xbox 360 will cost. I say "extension" because it almost looks like its an addition of some sort to the xbox 360, but I really don't know. If that is the case then it might make it a bit more affordable. Any who, check out these video clips and let me know what you think or if any of you guys know any more about it.

Project Natal Video Clips

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