Indian Man Sues GM Cause his Car is NOT a Goat and Wins!..??

An Indian man sues GM because his car is NOT a mountain goat or at least doesn't preform like one as stated by GM. I assume that mountain goats are perceived as being at the pinnacle of off-road performance in India. I guess this guy has been suing GM for 3 years trying to get retribution for his car that broke down in only 1 foot of water in 2005. I personally have heard of mountain goats that can go through at least twice that amount of water with out a single problem. I get where this guy is coming from, goats are way better than cars. Why would anyone say that a car is as good as a goat. He won the lawsuit after his case made it all the way to the Indian Supreme Court. GM bought back his car and paid for the lawyer's fees. He should have just bought the goat in the first place.

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